Sunday, December 28, 2008

My writing history part 2

To finish the question of my writing history and how it all came to be here is a run down of how I ended up here. After this post I can then perhaps get onto more entertaining posts about life and all that stuff.

My first memories of writing having an impact on me where at school, some good some not so good but I will share with you the interesting ones that give you insight into me, the man (or boy back then). One teacher who was less than credible but taught English all the same gave us an assignment to write a paper on how we could fix the world. There were no criteria, boundaries and the aim was to test our writing skills. I wrote a marvelous piece of taking the world back to the stone age but she thought that was stupid and impossible . The writing was entertaining and I had fulfilled the task as set down but she failed me. I knew then that imagination was the key and that she had none!

The second instance occurred in my last year of school. I left early to go to work and only attended school for the exams. They changed the date of the English exam without notifying me ( I think the first schedule written had contained an error so the date wasn't changed but the schedule was) and so I missed the exam which was 50% of the years mark. I still managed to score in the high 40s but failed. The gave me extra points so I could pass and get a job and never return!

The first time I realised people enjoyed my writing was when I joined the RAAF and wrote home to family and friends. They could not get enough of my quirky writing and humour so I figured I should try writing as a money earner. My first short story I ever sent off was accepted and from the moment I got the letter saying they were putting it in their magazine I was hooked. I still remember the day I got the letter but I can't quite recall as clearly the day I got the cheque. Just goes to show you which one was more important to me.

In the interest of keeping this short I'll leave it there and come back tomorrow, but I will be finished this soon and on to other topics, I promise