Sunday, December 7, 2008

The first book published

As in introduction to my blog let me tell you a little about my first book, Room 22 (there are more!)
Here is the Press release.

Supernatural Thriller from Australian Author Unlocks Secrets of the Mind

Canberra, Australia—September 15, 2008—Jack has always used his unique mental gifts to do good, but in Room 22 he discovers there is someone else who shares his talents—and is using them to fulfill a deadly purpose.

What if our minds were stronger than we ever thought possible? What if we could control not only our own destiny, but also the destiny of those around us?

What if nothing were impossible?

In Room 22, Jack Firebrace knows the answers to these questions. He has a gift that has allowed him to help hundreds. But something sinister has come looking for Jack. When innocent people he has helped in the past begin dying and a serial killer begins mutilating women in a bizarre ritual, Jack finds himself in a deadly race.

As he searches for a link from his past that will allow him to restore balance, Jack struggles with the thought that he may have set all of this in motion by using his abilities. To top it all, he has fallen in love, but he is not sure if the woman of his dreams is a target of the killer – or the bait being used to trap him.

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JM said...

Room 22 sounds excellent. :) Congratulations on publication.

Joy said...

Hi, when is the sequal due out- i can't wait to find out what's happened to Jack Firebrace.

Bernard J Rossi said...

Thanks JM, much appreciated.

Joy, I have finished the sequel and have completed the editing so now all that remains is to find the right publisher